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TW-embos-logoCompany TOKAY WINE Ltd. was founded in 2004. In its beginnings, this company is focused on preparing and planting their own vineyard, which will then produce Tokaj wines - samorodné Tokay, Tokay selection and varietal wines from Tokaj varieties Furmint, Lipovina and Yellow Muscat.

The company has planted 25 ha of vineyards in the Tokaj region near the village of blacks. Per hectare is planted with 5,680 vines. The main emphasis is put on in the Yellow Muscat variety. Currently the priority is quality care and preparation of the vineyard, which is essential for producing high quality wines of Tokaj.logo_tokaj_regnum

Equally important is the preparation for the production of wines. Because the vineyards are planted in spring 2009, with the first production of wines is calculated in 2012. In the meantime, plans to build workable with tasting room. All employees are working trying to make the first "virgin harvest" was exceptional not only in their origin, but especially the quality wines.

The company is a member of civic associations TOKAJ Regnum, which brings together producers of Tokaj wine.

Characterization of vineyards

Area: 25 hektárov
Planted: 2009
Richness: 2012
Hunt: Malý les


Characterization of Wine Cellar

The vineyard site is located and Tokaji cellar constructed in tufa subsoil, which includes a tasting room, wine archive, consisting of 36 archival boxes with a capacity of 250 liters each of them


Tokaj Wine


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